This blog is written with the sincerest hope, that from my writing, I help you find some form of lightness in yourself, for whatever you have going on in life. It’s created with all the best energy and love for you, the reader. It is for my clients, but also for everyone, because I believe we are all deserving of health. I hope through my stories, my learnings, you’ll see the huge picture of what health really is, how it is way more than the campaigns you see. It is the kind of writing that comes with true passion, real world experience, ‘This health lesson I was forced to learn when I was alone in the Colombian jungle,’ no fluff, no ‘health is so easy!’, no ‘just eat this’, no ‘just take this supplement’ talk. Health isn’t easy, health is the most precious luxury, I am here to be real with you about all of it.


San Diego Sunset

You Deserve Health

This blog is created with all the best energy and love for the readers. It is written with the sincerest hope, that from my writing, …

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Recipes Introduction

In this blog, I want to alternate sharing health stories with recipes for your to enjoy. Before I start posting recipes, I want to give …

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Puerto Rico

When Do We Wake Up?

My biggest question for people, for our society, is what EXACTLY is the breaking point in their life that will wake them up? To wake …

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Mac N' Cheese

“Mac N’ Cheese” Recipe

  This is by far my favorite dish and I could easily eat it every day. It is incredibly creamy, delicious, nourishing, filling and comforting. …

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More Than Food

I believe that we all want to be healthy, if we could, if only we knew the right formula. The media that we see today …

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Guacamole Recipe

This recipe is great for serving as an appetizer that people are sure to love- it is delicious, fun, nutritious, and allergen free. I make …

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Individual Health

If you look, or even if you don’t, you will see literally endless messages in our society about what creates health. Everywhere from what you …

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Plantain Chips Recipe

This recipe is great for serving as an appetizer, snack or a side to a main meal. They are the perfect combination of sweet and …

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To Enjoy It

When was the last time you woke up and your number one goal was to see how much fun you could have that day? Can …

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Coconut Treats Recipe

  A delicious dessert or mid-day snack that is packed with healthy, filling fats and no sugar. Rich, creamy, slightly sweet taste that is satisfying. …

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Disconnecting To Connect

Before you read this, take a huge breath. A breath that is from both your lungs, and your stomach. Where you can actually feel the …

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Steak Fajitas Recipe

  Steak Fajitas are a meal that always feels FUN- while also being nourishing, nutrient rich, protein packed and allergy free. The lime, salt, cilantro, …

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